Property & Casualty

We maximize recoveries by thorough investigation, careful preparation, and successful trial execution.

KCA knows catastrophic loss litigation.

We are known for our focus on enforcing insurance carriers' subrogation and reimbursement rights. The moment you hire us our team of lawyers moves into action. We quickly establish a positive and cooperative relationship with our clients’ insureds that enables us to efficiently investigate and prosecute the matter in a friction-free way. This also adds to the insured’s brand loyalty to our client because they know that they are being protected and served on all fronts.

Whether it be a fire, explosion, water damage event, structural collapse or other product liability issue, KCA has the know-how to maximize your recovery. Unlike other subrogation firms, KCA attorneys are ready, willing, and able to win at trial to maximize recovery. Defense firms know this and the mere threat of this tends to garner increased and better settlement offers in advance of trial. This allows us to maximize recovery at the least cost and in the shortest time. We handle cases involving:

  • Construction damages: Handling difficult construction cases requires expertise in the design, building and engineering processes. When structures collapse, our team fully investigates the situation in order to determine liability on both the plaintiff and defense side.
  • Fire suppression/Sprinkler system failures: We have special expertise in analyzing cases involving problems with commercial and residential fire suppression systems, emergency response systems and procedures.
  • Industrial Manufacturing: We know manufacturing processes and are able to analyze and understand sensitive maintenance and operations issues. We team-up with the finest process engineers and process safety engineers to conduct on-site inspections to determine which party or parties are liable in cases of plant explosions, fires and mechanical breakdowns.
  • Products Liability and Warranty: In this complicated and hard-fought area of the law, early investigation, sound strategy, and diligence are keys to success. We know this and employ these techniques every day. In cases ranging from defective plumbing products to dangerous electrical systems, from defective automotive products to defective industrial machinery, KCA consistently delivers superior results.