Fraud & Employee Theft

Smart, aggressive action can yield substantial recoveries of stolen property.

Losses involving embezzlement and theft require lawyers with experience and legal acumen.

Millions of dollars are paid every year on employee theft/embezzlement claims and on surety and fidelity bonds. KCA has a track record of recovering those funds. KCA attorneys have prosecuted claims involving RICO, misrepresentation, fraud, conversion, and conspiracy and other U.C.C. provisions.

KCA knows that these complex claims require quick and nimble action to preserve funds for recovery. Our attorneys use a variety of methods to champion our clients’ recovery rights including:

  • Working with banks and other financial institutions to preserve funds pending adjudication,
  • Using forensic accountants to unravel the fraudulent scheme,
  • Working with prosecutors to assist in criminal investigations and obtaining restitution orders,
  • Using civil litigation mechanisms to recover stolen funds.

We work quickly, carefully, effectively.

We recognize that it can be devastating to a client when it is discovered that a trusted employee or fiduciary has stolen large sums of money, often over a long period of time. We are committed to working carefully with your sensitive data, while providing aggressive recovery services with minimal member/insured abrasion. We will work with you from the beginning of the claim, coordinating the investigation, securing evidence and evaluating the recovery potential so that all your opportunities are optimized while safeguarding the brand integrity of your name.