Matthew Davis

Matthew Davis


Phone: 502.221.3615

Fax: 844.557.4329


Home Office: Louisville, KY

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Matthew Davis is an experienced attorney who became a lawyer so that he could help others in a meaningful way. He says, “I see myself as a trusted advisor who has the responsibility to assess my clients’ needs and provide creative solutions to help them move forward.”

Matthew’s areas of practice

Clients turn to Matthew for his experience in maximizing subrogation recoveries. He focuses his practice on three areas: insurance subrogation litigation, criminal records expungement and general civil litigation.

Subrogation Litigation: Matthew regularly works with his clients to investigate and pursue subrogation and recovery claims against liable third parties in state and federal court. For example,

  • A client had issued payment to their insured for property damage sustained in an automobile accident. Matthew determined that the other driver was primarily at fault for the collision. Due to Matthew’s advocacy, the defense offer was increased from 50% before his involvement to a 90% recovery.

Criminal records expungement: Matthew became interested in this area of the law during his time working for the Legal Aid Society. In this capacity, Matthew assists clients in legal matters that present a barrier to employment and financial stability. For example,

  • A client was beginning the process of starting a job search, yet faced the possibility that several minor misdemeanor cases from her past could derail her hopes of getting hired. Matthew reviewed her record and determined 90% of the records in her background check were immediately eligible for expungement. Upon filing petitions for expungement of the eligible records, he was able to expunge all eligible criminal records for the client. This allowed Matthew’s client to continue to pursue her career and, ultimately, obtain full employment.

Civil litigation: Matthew also handles cases involving general civil disputes, mediations, arbitrations, and particularly contract disputes. For example,

  • A client was being sued for fraud, breach of contract and violations of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act. Matthew investigated the claim and found it to be without merit. He filed a motion to dismiss the case due to the deficiencies he recognized. The motion was granted and Matthew’s client prevailed.

Outside of the practice of law, Matthew enjoys many hobbies including hiking, fishing, woodworking and spending time with his wife and their dog.