Healthcare Practice

KCA’s expertise maximizes your medical cost recoveries.

When challenges to recovery rights are waged, the industry looks to KCA.

We represent some of the nation’s most recognized health care plans. Our clients include health insurers, self-funded ERISA plans, Medicare Advantage plans, FEHBA plans, Medicaid plans, third-party administrators, and recovery vendors. We protect their subrogation and reimbursement interests while consistently maximizing their recoveries throughout the country.

In the field of medical cost reimbursement, the legal landscape regarding recovery rights is always in flux with ever-changing legislation and developing case law. Drawing on over one hundred years of experience and our collaborative approach, KCA is always exploring the best ways to champion our clients’ goals of recovery, brand protection, and bettering the industry’s position as a whole. To this end, we approach each case strategically and tailor our strategy to the size and scope of the case.

We are leaders in the area of healthcare subrogation

One of the greatest values we provide is our counsel regarding which cases should be litigated and which ones should not. As leaders in the field across the country, we see “the big picture” and recognize that what may be a short-term gain could wind up a long-term loss. We aggressively pursue settlement when that is the best option. However, on those occasions when litigation is necessary, we have an exemplary track record of successfully obtaining court rulings vindicating our clients’ recovery rights.

We have a reputation for excellence.

Our professional representation of clients has earned us our opponents’ respect and clients’ praises. In recognition of our expertise, the insurance subrogation industry repeatedly asks us to prepare amicus briefs in state and federal appellate courts and the U.S. Supreme Court to better the position of the industry as a whole. KCA has answered the call. We often teach seminars at national conferences and in private in-house training for our clients.