Bradley M. Arnold

Bradley M. Arnold


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Home Office: Chicago IL

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Brad says, “I became a lawyer to help people solve their problems within an institution where everyone has a chance to be heard. I enjoy helping my clients, first by listening to their needs, developing a creative plan to meet these needs and then fighting to deliver the desired results.”

Brad's areas of practice

Brad is an experienced trial attorney with a track record of success. He has tried numerous cases to verdict and has obtained multiple million-dollar-plus jury verdicts. He has also set records for high settlements on behalf of his clients in multiple jurisdictions. He has represented individuals and small businesses as well as large national companies and has consistently obtained superior results for his clients in the fields of personal injury, large loss subrogation, and business litigation matters.

Property & Casualty Subrogation: Brad represents victims of high value property loss caused by dangerously defective products and/or the negligence of others. He has extensive experience in marshaling in-depth and complex investigations into high-profile fires, explosions, and water loss events in residential, commercial, and industrial settings and then pursuing those liability claims to negotiated settlements and, when appropriate, litigation, to maximize recovery for his clients. Just a few examples are,

  • Brad’s client’s cold storage warehouse facility suffered an explosion and fire from the release and subsequent ignition of anhydrous ammonia caused by the negligent supervision of a repair project by the owner’s repair contractor. The $7,000,000.00 recovery for the owner of the facility against the repair contractor was the record-setting property damage recovery in the jurisdiction.
  • A defectively designed and manufactured pre-lit Christmas tree started a fire in the atrium of a mall and caused wide-spread damage. Brad won a $3,000,000.00 (policy limits) recovery for the owner of a shopping mall in this high-profile product liability claim.

Personal Injury/Workers' Compensation & Healthcare Subrogation: Brad’s recovery work also includes personal injury, workers' compensation subrogation, and health-related recovery. Having spent many years in the arena of personal injury law, Brad has developed a keen ability to look at each issue in a case from every angle in order to develop the most productive strategy to champion his clients’ rights. His careful analysis and preparation led to notable recoveries in these matters when the underlying injury was due to product liability, construction site negligence, medical malpractice, trucking or other automobile liability. For example,

  • $2,300,000.00 recovery for an injured ironworker who fell 20 feet from a catwalk in a chemical processing facility at which he was working. The owner of the facility had failed to properly barricade an opening in the cat-walk while the ironworker was performing repair work elsewhere at the facility. The injured worker sustained a herniated disk in his back and required corrective surgery.
  • In this workers' compensation subrogation referral, a construction laborer broke his hip when the work platform he was on was struck by a concrete pumper boom and up-ended. The boom operator disputed that the event occurred as the laborer described and argued that the work platform was inherently unstable and unsafe and, as such, caused the incident. The boom operator’s liability carrier offered $200,000.00 to settle the case before trial. The matter went to trial and Brad obtained a jury verdict for the laborer in the amount of $1,389,961.49. One of the jurors after the trial volunteered to pay the laborer some money out of her own pocket because she was so moved by Brad’s presentation.
  • Brad’s client was injured in a no-contact car accident that aggravated her pre-existing arthritis. The $550,000.00 recovery for the woman set a record high recovery for personal injury claims in that very conservative jurisdiction.

Business-related litigation: Brad handles cases involving breach of contract, fraud, RICO, mechanic liens/construction liens, OSHA disputes, breach of trusts and fiduciary duty, partnership and other internal business organization disputes, and employment disputes. He never loses sight of the business objectives of his clients and leverages his expertise and courtroom savvy to meet those objectives. Just a few examples are,

  • Brad was able to recover $562,414.10 on behalf of a company that was defrauded by its employee and material supplier. The client’s actual out-of–pocket loss was $418,000.00.
  • Brad represented a restoration contractor in a construction project dispute related to flood restoration work and alleged construction defects. The jury verdict of $133,856.02 represented a 100% victory for his client.
  • A commercial builder refused to pay Brad’s client, a subcontractor, claiming that the extras were not authorized because many of them were not in writing and that the work was not done in a good and workmanlike manner. We transformed a complex mess into a coherent and easy to understand trial presentation and obtained a trial verdict for 100% of all extras plus interest.

What others say about Brad

His preparation and professionalism have earned him the praise of his clients and the respect of his opponents. They say this about him:

“Brad, the way you tried that case, you taught me some new things that I will be sure to try and use in my next trial. It was a pleasure to try the case against you. It has never hurt so little to lose so big.”- Opponent

Courtroom personnel who witnessed Brad’s handling of a personal injury case, said of Brad’s presentation of his client’s testimony, “That was the most compelling and convincing testimony by an injury plaintiff that I have seen in 25 years of watching these trials.”

“It is such a relief to have Brad handling my cases because I know that everything that should be done is being done, and in the right way. A worry-free experience, what a difference!”- Client